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Dry Rice Field (乾田, Kanden) is the one hundred seventeenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



Angered by Tsukiyama's presence, Touka asks him why he brought Hinami with him. He retorts by saying that Kaneki trusts him far more than her, enraging Touka even further. However, Hinami stops them before they could prolong their argument. She starts to explain why they are together, the reason being trying to help Kaneki while Nishiki tries to warn Hinami about Tsukiyama's possible actions. After Nishiki finishes, Tsukiyama mockingly asks them what they could possibly do for Kaneki. Leaving both Touka and Nishiki in silence, as Tsukiyama leaves with Hinami.

Picking up the coffee beans for Yoshimura, Nishiki asks Touka if she wants a tour of Kamii University. After agreeing to go with Nishiki, he abandons some time later, leaving her to explore the area alone.

When wandering the University, she runs into Hide.


  • Touka running into a man (Furuta) she believed to be Kaneki.

    An alternate, albeit ancient, reading of the kanji that make up the chapter title is Furuta.