Spread Wings (氾羽, Hanpa) is the one hundred thirteenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.

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Enraged by Kishou Arima's appearance, Yomo begins to fight with him. Dodging Arima's attacks, he charges him to only be sliced across the abdomen by Take Hirako. While Yomo lays on the ground in agony, a ghoul in black appears and saves him from Arima. After the encounter with that ghoul, the number of Doves in the 4th ward went down.

Uta asks Kaneki if he learned what he wanted during their conversation, Kaneki asks him if the ghoul was Yoshimura, which Uta confirms. Uta tells him that after their encounter with him, Yoshimura took Yomo under his wing and trained him in various ways. Uta asks him about what he want to do now, Kaneki answers with that he is going to visit Yomo.

Shuu Tsukiyama and Hinami got out to a cafe.

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