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Mask (仮面, Kamen) is the eleventh chapter in Tokyo Ghoul.



Kureo Mado and Koutarou Amon decide to leave for the Commission of Counter Ghoul Headquarters, but Amon feels he is being watched by someone, discovered to be Renji Yomo.

Yoshimura asks Touka Kirishima to take Ken Kaneki to get his mask done, as all ghouls are supposed to have one. Touka objects but Yoshimura reveals that two Ghoul Investigators are currently loitering around the 20th Ward, concluding that Kaneki must get his mask done as soon as possible.

That Saturday, Ken and Touka set out to get the mask. Kaneki however, studies Touka’s antics the entire time, and is amazed at how normal of a girl she looks throughout the day. He then asks where exactly they are going, but comes to a suspicious place deep down in the city. They enter HySy ArtMask Studio, and Kaneki meets the owner Uta, who is responsible for making the masks. Uta notes that he has heard of Kaneki through Yomo, and marks his scent as rather unusual. Through Uta’s words, Kaneki finds out that the 20th ward is by far the most docile district, but reeks of suspicion due to Rize’s influence. Since there is often a dispute over feeding grounds, the 13th Ward is famed for it’s bloodshed , with wards 1 and 4 being uninhabited. Uta also decides to give Ken a half mask as a start.

Ken explains that his eye goes out of control whenever he’s hungry, which is the sole reason as to why he wears the medical eye patch. On the topic of girls, Ken is asked his impression of Touka, to which he responds she is very scary. Uta opposes, referring to her as a ‘hard worker,’ in the sense that she’s crossing an incredible tightrope-being associated with both the ghoul and human worlds; with her job at Anteiku and the school she attends.  Uta also mentions that he too likes humans, for he gets excited when human customers enter his shop.

Kaneki grasps that despite Uta’s terrifying appearance, the way he talks and acts is very kind. Touka gives details about the motives of Ghoul Investigators, saying that ghouls are not allowed to reveal their faces, or else, the investigators would match the face with the identity, and kill them afterwards.

Ryouko Fueguchi is seen sitting with a sleeping Hinami Fueguchi in her lap. She holds a mask firmly in her hand, as a tear drips on her daughter’s face-indicating that Hinami's father had died.