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Hanged Man (吊人, Tsurushibito) is the one hundred ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



During a book signing event, Hinami Fueguchi and Ken Kaneki converse with Sen Takatsuki about her past works. When she finishes signing their books, Kaneki leaves with Hinami.

On their leave, Hinami notes how happy Kaneki is and teases him about liking Takatsuki. Shortly after, Hideyoshi Nagachika arrives at the event to have his book signed for Kaneki.

As the author signs his book, she expresses the wish to write her next book about ghouls.

At the CCG, Koutarou Amon discusses Kurona Yasuhisa and the Eyepatch ghoul with Seidou Takizawa. While reviewing the ghouls who appeared at Akihiro Kanou's mansion, Akira Mado appears. Takizawa and Amon invite her to a meal, which she accepts.

After having a meal, both Akira and Takizawa appear to be drunk.