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Artificial (人工, Jinkō) is the one hundred eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



Ken Kaneki rests while recollecting how he attacked Kazuichi Banjou. Shuu Tsukiyama brings some novels to placate Kaneki. He articulates his perspective on strength and merits and insists that he will continue supporting Kaneki.

While reading, Kaneki contrasts the themes from multiple stories to his life. He considers his life more tragic than the events that occur in these stories. Kaneki describes the plot of Sen Takatsuki's eighth book, The Hanged Man's MacGuffin. The story is about criminals sentenced to death. It is an omnibus which recites several stories and soliloquies of the condemned criminals. Kaneki notes that Prisoner 182 sounds like a ghoul.

Hinami Fueguchi checks in to tell Kaneki that Takatsuki will be having a book signing soon.

Yukinori Shinohara lies bedridden at the CCG hospital. He mentions the dangerous half-kakuja Centipede. He remembers a professor who researched how to implant ghoul organs into humans. That professor's research was canceled due to ethical issues. Shinohara recalls the ghouls he fought at Akihiro Kanou's lab. A registry left behind revealed the names of missing people. Among that list included the organ transplant recipient, Kaneki. Shinohara concludes that Kanou must have created these artificial ghouls.

Iwao Kuroiwa displays two footages of the Owls. One is from the battle at the 11th Ward Battle and the other is from ten years ago. The subtle differences between the two indicate that they are two different individuals.

Kaneki and Hinami arrive at the book signing. An overslept Sen Takatsuki rushes to her desk to commence it.