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Rift (裂目, Sakeme) is the one hundred seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



As Ken Kaneki pierces Kazuichi Banjou, he falls to the ground. His subordinates quickly run to him to help him, however, Kaneki repels all of them, as well as Shuu Tsukiyama, who attempts to approach him.

Kaneki keeps rambling nonsense, but when he regains his senses, he breaks down as he realizes what he did to Banjou. However, Banjou regenerates his injury completely. Banjou attempts to calm Kaneki down and speaks to him about his sacrifice for others, stating that before Kaneki can save anyone, he needs to be saved himself.

At the previous battle location, Koutarou Amon aids Yukinori Shinohara, confronting Juuzou Suzuya about his reckless behavior.

While speaking with Eto Yoshimura, Akihiro Kanou notices Kurona Yasuhisa carrying Nashiro. Kanou states that Nashiro has been injured beyond recovery, and suggests to Kurona to leave her behind.

At the end, Renji Yomo observes the mansion from atop a cliff while holding Rize Kamishiro in his arms.