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Amnesty (大赦, Taisha) is the one hundred sixth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



Ken Kaneki blocks Koutarou Amon's assault with his kagune while the duo briefly exchanges looks. During the battle, Amon recalls his youth and Donato Porpora's child murders.

Juuzou Suzuya suddenly arrives to support Amon. Juuzou activates 13 Jason's gimmick which effectively injures Kaneki. Kaneki counters the attack and is attacked by Amon again.

Kaneki ultimately lies on the ground, concealing his face with his hands, claiming that he "doesn't want to eat anymore," before escaping.

Juuzou tries to pursue Kaneki, however, Amon stops him and suggests that wounded Yukinori Shinohara should be helped first.

Kaneki encounters Kazuichi Banjou in the hallway and suddenly pierces him.