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Me and Me (僕私, Bokushi) is the one hundred fifth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



Ken Kaneki falls to his knees due to the injury Yukinori Shinohara inflicted onto him, while other ghoul investigators applaud Shinohara's abilities. However, Kaneki summons another kagune and proceeds to attack Shinohara again.

In a mindless state, Kaneki swiftly dashes toward Shinohara, impaling him with his kagune.

In the tunnel, Shuu Tsukiyama speaks with Kazuichi Banjou's underlings. The group asks Tsukiyama to follow them in order to help Banjou, however, the latter believes Kaneki to be the higher priority, sparking the conflict between them which is abrupted by Banjou's arrival. They decide to search Kaneki.

While Koutarou Amon converses with the injured Akira Mado, he notices Kurona and Nashiro Yasuhisa hiding. They escape before he gets the chance to speak with them.

They proceed to another room, where Amon and Akira meet two investigators paired with Shinohara. The duo informs Amon of the current situation, as Amon observes Kaneki devouring Shinohara. Enraged, he immediately rushes toward Kaneki with his activated quinque, Kura.