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Black and White (白黒, Shirokuro) is the one hundred second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



The CCG takes care of children that have been orphaned due to a ghoul attack. As juniors, the orphans attend the Academy Junior School, and many of them participate in many extracurricular activities like martial arts. At the age of eighteen, more than half of them enroll in the Ghoul Investigator Training Academy. They are naturally driven to become ghoul investigators.

Nashiro and Kurona Yasuhisa were two of these orphans. They recall meeting Juuzou Suzuya. He behaved strangely and would rarely attend classes. One of the instructors discovers dead stray cats. He suggests that Juuzou murdered them because of his suspicious background of being raised by ghouls.

After a lecture, the Yasuhisa twins ask the lecturer Koutarou Amon if women are capable of becoming investigators. He tells them about Kiyoko Aura and Kasuka Mado's excellence but to their dismay, Kasuka was killed by the One-Eyed Owl.

Shortly after, their friend Shizuku Kawakami dies of an illness. The Yasuhisa twins confront Juuzou at the forest where they ask him if he feels compassion over Kawakami's death. Juuzou argues with them, saying that people die all the time. To their surprise the twins notice a dead animal behind Juuzou. They conclude that he is the culprit of the numerous animal killings.

At Akihiro Kanou's lab, the Yasuhisa twins dash toward Juuzou. To their surprise, he counters them and stabs Kurona's eye.