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Antique (骨董, Kottō) is the tenth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul.



Two ghoul investigators, Kureo Mado and Koutarou Amon, are ambling through the 20th ward. Kureo nostalgically exposes the detail of a case he experienced involving the One-Eyed Owl. They were searching for two ghouls; a woman and her child.

At Anteiku, Yoshimura teaches Ken Kaneki how to brew his own coffee. Kaneki gets impatient, saying that his coffee is bland compared to Yoshimura's. Yoshimura then leaves, but reminds Kaneki that Anteiku is not only a coffee shop, but a place where ghouls of the 20th ward gather and dwell. Ghoul customers also come to Anteiku, but Kaneki contradicts by pushing the idea that ghouls are originally supposed to conceal themselves from society. Yoshimura tells him that humans are indeed likeable, but ghouls have to learn certain mannerisms; personalities, gestures and even how to eat things, for humans to ghouls are like "living textbooks." Kaneki is also warned to inform Yoshimura if any human customers with large handbags or briefcases enter the shop, adding that he will explain the reason to him later.

Much to Kaneki's surprise, Hideyoshi Nagachika shows up, complimenting Kaneki's uniform and job, then orders a cappuccino to rejoice Kaneki's work at Anteiku. Apparently, Hide was tricked into believing that he and Kaneki were involved in a car accident, and Touka Kirishima nursed both of them back to health; but Nishiki Nishio was badly injured. He thanked Touka, offering to treat her to lunch.

Touka warns Kaneki, telling him that he should not allow Hide to know he is a ghoul. She finds it impossible to keep a human at Anteiku, coming to the decision to kill Hide on the spot if he found out about them. Kaneki denies, but Touka insists that she is merely compromising even though it sounds harsh. She would kill Hide immediately, but the manager had stopped her, despite the fact that she does not favor Hide involving himself to the point where he finds out about ghouls. Nishio's whereabouts were currently unknown, but this did not mean that he could not return to harm them.

Even the customers at Anteiku would out Hide under scrutiny, so Kaneki is told to hold responsibility for his friend, but at the same time hide his secret as though it were a matter of life or death. Ken then decides to "act like a human" around Hide.

While upstairs with Yoshimura, Kaneki is taught how to eat sandwiches as a ghoul pretending to be human, and is surprised at how unaffected Yoshimura is by the nauseating taste. Ken makes an attempt but fails, realizing there is indeed a trick to the sandwiches. Kaneki describes how awful the sandwiches were, which Yoshimura finds strange but interesting about him. Ghouls do not chew the food entirely, but swallow it whole instead, while putting up a pleasant face. If the food is digested instead of regurgitated, health deteriorates. This technique must be practiced in order for Kaneki to master it. Ken is given a sugar cube to use with coffee since he repelled the idea of eating humans. The cube is made of a special ingredient which would only curb his appetite, but not for him to live off of for satisfaction.

Ken meets two regular customers; a woman, Ryouko Fueguchi, and her daughter, Hinami Fueguchi. Kaneki perceives them to be normal humans, but is told by Touka that they are ghouls who cannot hunt for themselves. Hence, they are there to eat human meat, and are sent to the second floor. Kaneki is surprised by the fact that there are indeed ghouls who cannot hunt.

A starved ghoul who had been watching Hide is wandering Rize Kamishiro’s feeding ground where he comes across Mado. He charges at Mado but is instantly disembodied.

Amon joins Mado at the scene since the two are associated with the organization that exterminates ghouls, the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) - First Class Mado, and Rank 1 Amon.