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Name Big Madam
Japanese Name ビッグマダム
Romaji Biggu Madamu
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Sex Male
Died November 11, 3 ASBI[1][2]
Affiliations Ghoul Restaurant
Rc Type Bikaku
Rating SS
Manga Debut Chapter 122
Anime Debut Episode 18
Seiyuu Kimiko Saitō
English VA Nancy Sherrard
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Big Madam (ビッグマダム, Biggu Madamu) was a powerful and influential Ghoul, with an extensive black market network. In the past, Big Madam raised Juuzou Suzuya as a human "pet" and subjected him to extensive abuse. Nutcracker was believed to be one of their employees, and was considered a major target by CCG.


Big Madam was an obese Ghoul with strawberry-blonde hair, often dressed in luxurious clothing and excessive jewelry. Unlike many ghouls, Big Madam was never shown possessing a mask. Her face was easily recognizable for use of heavy makeup, tinted sunglasses, and braces. Big Madam's biological sex was revealed by the CCG when her corpse was recovered after the auction.


Big Madam is a completely twisted, sadistic, ruthless, and degenerate individual who takes pleasure in inflicting suffering on others. Examples include organizing both auctions of human "goods" and the brutal "Dinner Shows" of the Ghoul Restaurants, with absolutely no concern for the lives of others.

However, Big Madam is also exceptionally sly, cunning, manipulative, and clever, heading a massive underground network and managing to evade the CCG's many pursuits.

In dealing with Juuzou, Big Madam's personality showed the typical patterns of an acrimonious abuser in alternating between affection and violence. When things went well, Big Madam was also extremely joyful, excitable, effervescent, and energetic, but when angered, she would quickly become brutal, heartless, and cruel.



Big Madam was an affiliate of Madam A and the Ghoul Restaurant. Previously, "Rei" was abducted as a pet and was given the name "Juuzou", and became a scrapper and entertainer for the audience. Madam also took the pleasure of torturing Suzuya at nights and dressing him as a girl, and even castrated him forcibly with a gavel. Years after, the CCG raided their hideout, but failed to capture Big Madam.


Madam was first mentioned by Abara Hanbee during her Nutcracker briefing to the Quinx Squad about a certain "ingredients list." She was later mentioned by Eto and Ayato during a discussion about the auction.

Big Madam took part in the Auction, excited at the possibility of finding a new human pet. She took part in a fierce bidding war against Croque Monsieur for a famous actor, but ultimately lost. She angrily denied her interest, apparently frustrated at the loss. However, she succeeded in placing the winning bid on Tooru Mutsuki — a record 200 million Yen. Her excitement was short-lived, however, when Suzuya revealed himself on stage and began slaughtering the Ghouls. She quickly recognizes Suzuya.

In the face of the CCG assault, Big Madam retreated along with many of the auction guests to the Zeum hall's underground area. She came into conflict with Kuki Urie when he discovered the guests' hideout. However, Big Madam defeated Urie without much difficulty and swallowed him whole.[3] Urie forced his way out by releasing his F4 Koukaku Kagune, and managed to kill Big Madam's bodyguards, but he was not able to fully control his new power and went berserk in the process. As a result, he was still no match for Big Madam, and had to be saved by Suzuya's squad.[4] Big Madam was severely wounded by Juuzou's "Jason", and begged for mercy. Juuzou said he never hated Big Madam, but merely had to kill her because that was his "job". Infuriated, Big Madam said she had never loved Juuzou but was immediately killed by the Squad members. As Big Madam was killed, Hanbee covered the saddened Juuzou's eyes and ears, as he said his final farewell and addressed her as "father".[2]


Juuzou SuzuyaEdit

Suzuya used to be Big Madam's favorite executioner, and was trained and tortured by her on a frequent basis. She also saw him as a cute girl when dressing him up, resulting in the mutilation of Suzuya's testicles to make him more feminine.

Big Madam had a strong obsession with Suzuya. When she saw Suzuya once again in the auction hosted by the clowns, she was overly excited, mentioning "Juuzou-chan" and frozen in awe. In their reunion, Big Madam displays some of the typical behaviors of an abuser — initially trying to appeal to Juuzou's affection for his "Mama", but resorting to bribery and emotional blackmail. When these fail, Madam rants cruelly at him and stated he was only kept because of his looks. Their twisted relationship was therefore defined by cycles of affection and violence, alternately showering "Rei-chan" with kindness and brutalizing "Juuzou".


Big Madam is supposedly Nutcracker's employer for the auction sale, while Nutcracker was in charge of bringing humans to the auction.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Ghoul Physiology: Having been born as a ghoul, Big Madam possessed great physical capabilities.

  • Bikaku Kagune: Big Madam possesses a massive Bikaku kagune, resembling a thick tail that can be extended for great distances.

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  • After her death, Big Madam's birth sex is revealed to be male and she is referred to by Juuzou as "Father". It is unclear whether she was merely crossdressing as a disguise, as a game similar to what she did to Juuzou, or was actually a trans woman.
  • Shortly before her death, while shouting at Juuzou, the word "lie" was written on her tongue. It is currently unknown if this was intentional or not.


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