Nurse novel

Nurse pinto

Name Unknown
Species Human
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Relatives Unnamed Husband
Itose (Younger sister)
Ward 20th Ward
Anime Debut Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto
Novel Debut Days: Chapter 3
Seiyuu Rina Satō
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The beautiful nurse was a woman employed at a hospital owned by the Tsukiyama Group. She became involved in the affairs of Shuu Tsukiyama, and eventually became one of his victims.


She wears the standard uniform of a hospital nurse, with minimal makeup and her long black hair worn loose. She stands out for being a very attractive woman, described as "angelic" and giving off a warm aura when putting on a kind act. This earns the attention of Shuu Tsukiyama, who befriends her and showers her with flattery.


On the surface, she seemed to be a typically kind and caring woman. She always smiled at everyone, and treated her patients with kindness and compassion. However, this was merely a mask used when others were watching. During the late hours when she would be alone on the hospital floor, she would sneak into the rooms of her patients and steal from them. She also violently abused her elderly patients, knowing that they would not be able to remember the abuse or report her actions.

She proved to be a cruel and manipulative woman, willing to kill to protect her own interests.



Tsukiyama took Chie Hori to a hospital where he enjoyed spending his afternoons, and pointed out a beautiful nurse escorting an elderly patient in the courtyard. He explained that this nurse was in love with a doctor, who wouldn't notice her at all. While they watched, the elderly patient harassed the nurse by groping her, which she laughed off.

Later that night, Chie hid in the elderly man's room, waiting for Tsukiyama to arrive. When she heard someone coming, she hid underneath the bed and witnessed the nurse coming into the room. She sampled the old man's edible gifts, before turning on her patient and cruelly berating him. While Chie watched, the nurse beat her patient and screamed insults at him. Tsukiyama interrupted the scene, explaining that the seemingly-sweet nurse regularly abused her patients under the cover of darkness. After knocking the nurse away, he proceeded to skin the patient and eat his flesh.

Awakened by the attack, the old man begged his nurse to save him only to get kicked right away by her in act of revulsion, refusing to help him. After Tsukiyama and Chie left the room, she attempted to sneak away from the gruesome scene, but was caught by her patient. He now remembered the abuse she had subjected him to, and threatened to report her actions to the hospital. To protect her secret, she murdered the old man and later reported a Ghoul Attack to the authorities while keeping Tsukiyama's identity a secret.

Chie later visited the hospital to speak with her, and reported the outcome to Tsukiyama. The nurse had used the murder to start a relationship with the doctor she'd lusted after, and expressed her gratitude to Tsukiyama for helping her dream come true.


While reading a newspaper, Ken Kaneki comes across a story about the murder of a recently-married nurse that worked at the University Hospital in the 20th Ward. Just prior to her honeymoon, she disappeared and was later discovered partially skinned. Touka Kirishima suggests the murder to be the work of Tsukiyama.

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Shuu TsukiyamaEdit

The two originally met because of his frequent visits to her workplace, and became acquainted. Over time, he learned of her romantic problems and her secret abuse of her patients. Though he exposed her true nature and she learns that he is a Ghoul, she comes to admire him and feels gratitude for how his actions allowed her to market herself as a "tragic heroine". However, he secretly watched over and cultivated her as a meal, killing her once she'd found happiness and married.


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