The Auction Mopping-up Operation (オークション掃討作戦, Ōkushon Sōtō Sakusen) was a large-scale CCG operation against the Auction event organized by the Madams.

The Auction took place at the Zeum hall on November 11th.

CCG's investigators were given two tasks:

  1. Extermination of the ghouls inside the Zeum hall. In particular, Big Madam has high priority.
  2. Rescue of the civilians.

Aogiri operatives had two objectives:

  1. The protection and safety of Big Madam (priority) and the attendants of the auction.
  2. The plunder of the transported quinque steel (CCG).


Commander: Associate Special Class Matsuri Washuu

Front AssaultEdit

Command: Daisuke Atou

White Suits CombatEdit

Command: Akira Mado

Sealing of Escape RoutesEdit

Command: Take Hirako, Nobu Shimoguchi



Aogiri TreeEdit




Operations overseen by Matsuri Washuu are noted for a high body count, and the Auction is no exception.


  • Daisuke Atou - Killed by Seidou Takizawa
  • Yukio Kurodawara - Killed by Seidou Takizawa
  • Tomonori Akai - Killed by Seidou Takizawa
  • Ryuuta Sawaike - Killed by Seidou Takizawa
  • Hina Tougi - Killed by Seidou Takizawa
  • Ryouta Ooshiba - Killed by Nutcracker
  • Erina Tagata - Killed by Nutcracker
  • 5 unnamed members of Ooshiba Squad - 4 killed by Nutcracker
  • 10 unnamed members of Atou Squad - 6 killed by Seidou Takizawa, 3 killed by Nutcracker's partner
  • Jun Numa - Killed by Miza
  • Shunichi Shibashi - Killed by Roma Hoito
  • Yuuta Okamochi - Killed by Roma Hoito
  • Sakino Mura - Killed by Ayato Kirishima
  • Waka Asachi - Killed by Ayato Kirishima
  • Numerous unnamed Investigators


  • Numerous unnamed Auction guests
  • Numerous unnamed Aogiri members
  • Nutcracker's partner - Killed by Atou Squad
  • Gagi and Guge - Killed by Isai, Tateshima and Mado Squad
  • Ganbo - Killed by Takeomi Kuroiwa
  • Nutcracker - Killed by Ginshi Shirazu
  • Big Madam - Killed by Suzuya Squad
  • Big Madam's Bodyguards - Killed by Kuki Urie
  • Hinami Fueguchi - Captured by Haise Sasaki.

Decorated InvestigatorsEdit

Several Investigators are recognized for their service during the Auction Raid.

  • Matsuri Washuu
  • Juuzou Suzuya
    • Suzuya Squad
  • Akira Mado
  • Haise Sasaki
  • Naoto Hayashimura
  • Kuki Urie
  • Ginshi Shirazu
  • Tooru Mutsuki
  • Saiko Yonebayashi


  • Haise Sasaki accepts his past self, and raises Arima's suspicions.
  • Hinami Fueguchi is captured by the CCG and sent to Cochlea under Haise's ownership.
  • Death of two White Suits: Gagi and Guge.
  • Seidou Takizawa is labeled a major threat after his rampage at the Auction. Akira Mado learns of his survival and current state.
  • Numerous fleeing Aogiri members are eliminated by an unknown force, and it is noted by the CCG that there are signs of cannibalism. An Aogiri ghoul lying on the ground is seen calling out "f.. lo... ppy...". The Robed Giant is shown looking over the scene, saying "Yasuhisa".
  • Tooru Mutsuki uses his kagune for the first time.
  • Kuki Urie loses control over his upgraded kagune.
  • Big Madam and Nutcracker are eliminated, landing a major blow against the Ghoul Restaurants.
  • The Quinx Squad are recognized for their major contributions during the operation and awarded.
  • Takeomi Kuroiwa earns considerable praise and comparisons to Koutarou Amon for his incredible feat of strength, after killing a Ghoul with his bare hands.
  • Ginshi Shirazu has a new Quinque made from the kagune of Nutcracker.


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