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Atou Squad (阿藤班, Atō-han) was a squad in the CCG organization. The team consisted of sixteen members but only one survived after an operation in the Auction Arc.


Former Members[]

Investigations and Operations[]

Auction Mopping-up Operation[]

Atou Squad was assigned to the frontal assault with the Quinx Squad and Ooshiba Squad. After charging in from the entrance, they eliminated ghouls along the way before they encountered Nutcracker's partner, a reasonably strong koukaku-type. After the Quinx Squad was ordered to continue ahead, the Atou Squad fought the ghoul, eventually successful.[1]

Later, without warning, Daisuke Atou was beheaded by Seidou Takizawa, the one-eyed ghoul making his debut. He swiftly killed the members of Atou Squad one-by-one and cornered the two remaining survivors, Hina and Shougo, and killed Hina.[2] After the operation, only a single member survived, however, it is unknown what squad he may have been moved to.


  • All the named members of Atou Squad were of the twenty winners who won the ghoul investigator recruitment campaign.