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The Anti-Aogiri group.

Anti-Aogiri (反アオギリ, Han aogiri) was a group of ghouls under Kazuichi Banjou's leadership who planned to escape from their imprisonment by Aogiri Tree.


After Ken Kaneki had been captured by Aogiri Tree, Banjou invited Kaneki to Anti-Aogiri's formation meeting. The goal of Anti-Aogiri was the escape from the 11th Ward Base. They planned to escape on the day when Noro, Ayato Kirishima and Yamori would be absent from the hideout.[1]

Banjou planned the escape because he had determined that he and his comrades were no longer of any value to Aogiri. Thus, he feared for the lives of his comrades and concluded that he had to help them escape from the hideout before Aogiri would kill them.[2]

Escape Attempt[]

On the night Noro, Ayato Kirishima and Yamori were supposed to be absent from the hideout, the group tried to escape from the Aogiri hideout. During their escape attempt, they ran into a scout. The scout alerted the Bin brothers, who began to pursue the group. Banjou, Ichimi, Jiro, Sante and Kaneki stayed behind to face the Bin brothers, while the others continued to escape.[3] However, Yamori, who had known about the escape attempt in advance thanks to Nico overhearing their plans, ambushed the other escapees, killing Moku and Tetsu.

Yamori proposed a deal to Kaneki: If Kaneki were to become his underling, he would let the others go. Kaneki, fearing for the others, accepted the deal and went with Yamori.[4]

However, Yamori did not keep his side of the deal. He imprisoned the other members of Anti-Aogiri and killed Kei and Kouto before Kaneki's eyes while he was torturing Kaneki.[5][6]


After Kaneki had defeated Yamori, he freed Banjou, Ichimi, Jiro, Sante and Usu.[7] After their successful escape from the hideout, Banjou, Ichimi, Jiro and Sante joined Kaneki in his quest for answers and became members of his group. Although injured, Usu survived. But, his fate after the escape from the hideout is unknown.[8]


Except for Kaneki, all of Anti-Aogiri's members are former residents of the 11th ward and already followed Banjou when he was still the leader of the ward.




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