Name Ami
Japanese Name 亜美 (あみ)
Romaji Ami
Species Human
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Died November, 0 ASBI[1][2]
Manga Debut Chapter 37
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Ami (亜美 , Ami) appeared as a human guest of the Ghoul Restaurant.


Ami was an obese young woman.


Ami has no qualms about sacrificing others if she thinks it benefits her.

When Souta promised that he would marry her, she pushed aside all her doubts. However, she refuses to take a shower even when she plans to meet Souta.

During her school time, she was in the track and field club.


Gourmet Arc Edit

Souta invited her to the Ghoul Restaurant and baited her by promising that he would marry her. When it was revealed that she was meant to be eaten and tricked, she had a nervous breakdown.[3]

Ami kick

When he promised to save her, she made Ken Kaneki fall so that he would become a sacrifice and she would survive, despite Kaneki promising that he would try to protect her. However, Taro started to hunt her after recognizing Kaneki as the main course so she had to run from him. After some time, the poison in the coffee she drank before started to take effect, paralyzing her. Taro caught and roasted her.[4]


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