Name Aliza
Japanese Name アリザ
Romaji Ariza
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Died around May, 4 ASBI[1][2][3][4]
Affiliations Tsukiyama family
Occupation Servant
Ward 21st Ward
Manga Debut :re Chapter 35
Anime Debut Re: Episode 8
Seiyuu Nami Miyahara
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Aliza (アリザ, Ariza) was a maid in the service of the Tsukiyama family.


Aliza was a woman with light-colored hair in a bob, held back with a headband. She wore a standard maid's uniform.


She seemed to be a very emotionally frail person easily becoming distraught when something bad happened. She was brought to tears when her master lost control and went into shock when she learned that Yuuma had been captured. After being interrogated by Shiki Kijima, she very quickly broke under pressure of the interrogation.


Rose ExterminationEdit

When their master goes out of control, she rushes into the wine cellar to notify Kanae of the trouble.

During a hunt organized to obtain food for Tsukiyama, Yuuma was captured and the rest of the team returned without him. When Aliza realized what happened, she leaves the room tearing up.

She is later apologized to by Tsukiyama and reassured to have Yuuma rescued back to her side. Her overflowing emotions cause her to seek out Kijima directly however, resulting in her capture. She leaks information regarding the Tsukiyama family for presumably Yuuma's safety, but she is instead decapitated right after while Kijima calls her a fool to think that Yuuma was even still alive.


Shuu TsukiyamaEdit

As one of his maids, she is deeply concerned for his well being and becomes terrified when he loses control.

Kanae von RosewaldEdit

Kanae appears to be her superior, and she rushes to him for help when there is a problem.

Yuuma Edit

Aliza has feelings for him, a fellow Tsukiyama servant.


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