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"It is painful... to lose the ones you have spent time together with."— Akira Mado, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 9

Akira Mado (真戸 暁, Mado Akira) is a former Associate Special Class Ghoul Investigator, the mentor of Haise Sasaki and the daughter of Kureo Mado and Kasuka Mado who was previously partnered with Koutarou Amon.


Akira is a beautiful young woman with neck-length pale blonde hair that hangs on the right side and purple eyes (they are portrayed as pale grey-green in Tokyo Ghoul √A).

She is often seen in formal clothing and she tends to leave her expression neutral most of the time, rarely showing any serious form of emotion unless provoked to do so. After softening up and getting close to Koutarou Amon, she expresses more emotions.

Akira's trademark is a braided hairstyle which she wears in most of her appearances. In her younger days at the Academy, Akira's hair reached past her shoulders but she cut it short when she became an investigator. After the time skip, it has grown out again and she keeps it tied up in a braided bun with bangs swept to the right side.

In the Tokyo Ghoul:re anime, Akira’s hair has grown out where it is now styled in a similar way to the manga and Akira’s eyes have been changed to their manga eye color.

Manga Depiction

Anime Depiction


Akira is an intelligent woman who always serious about work and her daily routine in general. Like Kureo Mado, she has deep insight and intuition that helps her in investigations and determining situations while on the field. She shares her father's "quinque-mania", but not as extreme.

Akira remains professional in most situations, no matter who she is faced with, and she is not one to admit her own feelings on a subject unless provoked to a certain degree. Seen through her interactions with others, it is most likely that she would prefer to make a quinque rather than to interact with someone else.

After the timeskip, Akira has become much more open about showing her emotions to others, as she does throughout her conversation with Haise Sasaki.


Raid of Kanou's Lab

Akira pierces Naki.

Akira was assigned as the subordinate to Koutarou Amon,[6] who had participated during the investigation of the Binge Eater. The disappearance of Dr. Akihiro Kanou led Akira and a small team to an abandoned mansion that Dr. Kanou owned. While searching for clues that may lead to Dr. Kanou's whereabouts, Akira and Koutarou found several ghouls fighting each other. Amongst them were Tsukiyama, the Gourmet ghoul, and Naki, a member of Aogiri Tree. Both Akira and Koutarou engaged the ghouls and were able to fend them off. However, Naki injured Akira with a powerful kick and took a bite from her leg.[7]

Akira later joined Amon and Seidou Takizawa at a bar. She is a weak drinker, getting drunk after a single drink, and getting into an argument with Takizawa before she resorted to wallowing in self-pity over the fact that she was injured.[8] She stated that she blamed Amon for her father's death as well as admitted she hated him for it, though she was drunk at the time.[9] Afterwards, Akira passed out and Amon returned her to her home.

Owl Suppression Operation

Akira participated in the raid on Anteiku.[10] After the raid, she was seen keeping a strong front even though her superior Amon and former classmate Takizawa were labelled as deceased. She later broke down in tears saying she liked Amon and Takizawa.[11]

Post-Owl Suppression Operation

Some time later, as Akira was visiting her father's grave to tell him about her promotion to Rank 1 and her assignment to mentor a junior said to be an oddity among investigators. At that moment, that pupil approached her and introduced himself as Rank 3 Investigator Haise Sasaki.[12]

Torso Investigation

Akira was first spotted at the curry restaurant, having naan. She reminded Sasaki that Kishou Arima had requested to see him. She then advised Sasaki that he should aim high, for the CCG needed to produce investigators who could surpass Arima.[2]

A meeting was held between Mado Squad, Shimoguchi Squad and Hirako Squad concerning the Torso investigation. Shimoguchi and Sasaki engaged in a slight altercation, but Akira and Hirako managed to stop the quarrel. She then gave Sasaki a "Mado Punch" in the gut to keep him in check.[13]

Akira shoots Haise.

On the night Torso’s identity was revealed and Sasaki battled Serpent, Akira received a call from Tooru Mutsuki. She later arrived at the scene where Sasaki was going mentally and physically out of control. Using a rifle loaded with Rc suppressant bullets, she shot Sasaki, telling him to rest for a while. She then had an internal monologue; she said Sasaki was to be treated as a human, but should he use his kagune too frequently, he might be treated as a ghoul, which would lead to his extermination.[14]

Nutcracker Investigation

Akira’s name was mentioned in a conversation between Sasaki and Arima; where Sasaki referred to her as his “make-believe” mother.

Later that day when Sasaki visited her in her office, Akira got a report from the Shimoguchi Squad at Torso’s residence; saying they were under attack by the SS-rated Rabbit ghoul of Aogiri Tree.[15]

Upon hearing Shimoguchi Squad's members were all murdered, Akira visited the hospital, along with Sasaki, to offer her sympathy to Shimoguchi. She asked him to tell her, in detail, everything that happened while they were at Torso’s home. She later explained to Sasaki about Aogiri’s motives, and what it felt like to lose comrades whom you had spent a lot of time with. Sasaki later noted that Akira expressed sadness while speaking about Shimoguchi’s loss.[16]

When Shimoguchi brushed Sasaki off when congratulated on being released from the hospital, Akira told Sasaki that it was only natural for him to feel that way after having teammates killed. She mentioned Sasaki would feel even worse if it were to happen to him due to his kindness, and that the only way to protect those he loved was to become stronger.


Akira about to face Naki.

Akira took part in the Auction Mopping-up Operation, working separately from her partner and the Quinx. Instead, she participated in the battle against Naki, Miza, and the White Suits with her arrival shifting the battle in the CCG's favor. Naki recognized her from their prior encounter at Dr. Kanou's lab, and the two fought.[17]

She managed to trick Naki, luring him into attacking her and struck him from behind with Fueguchi, her father's quinque. She lectured him about clinging to the past, pointing out how he continued to cling to the memory of Yamori instead of moving forward. Her words shook him, and she left the task of finishing him off to other investigators — beginning a lengthy battle against Miza Kusakari when the other Aogiri executive tried to rescue him.[18]

The two women were evenly matched, and Akira was unable to intervene when Rabbit appeared and rescued Naki. After some time, she finally managed to wound Miza and cause her to retreat. Akira prepared to regroup with the surviving investigators but was shaken when Sasaki being tortured by an unknown attacker was broadcast throughout the area. Losing her composure, she screamed at Matsuri to tell her who Sasaki was fighting. When she received no answer, she became furious and communication with her was lost.[19]

Akira sees Takizawa, now a ghoul.

In the aftermath of the raid, Akira rushed into the auction hall and began to call out to a seriously-wounded Sasaki. But she froze in shock, catching sight of his opponent from a distance — her former classmate and coworker, Seidou Takizawa. The investigator-turned-ghoul greeted her, before retreating from the area.[20]


A month after the Auction Mopping-up Operation, Akira attended a Christmas party held at The Chateau, arriving with Arima. She casually mingled with the guests and had a good time. Sasaki gave her a hair accessory as a gift.[21]

Rose Extermination

In the following spring at the promotion ceremony, Akira congratulated her squad on their new ranks and noted it to be rare having First Class investigators at Sasaki's age. She asked Sasaki on the conditions of Hinami Fueguchi, telling him to hurry on the time (to finish getting information and getting rid of her), showing some uneasiness from her part due to Hinami being involved in her father's death.[22]

"Haise. You are... yourself... names are..."

Akira found Sasaki searching for files in the file storage room. When asked about her participation in the 20th ward, she told Sasaki about was her former co-worker, Amon Koutarou, who died in the battle to subdue Owl. However, she brushed it off when Sasaki questioned her about the Eyepatch ghoul. Unexpected by her, Sasaki broke down, yelling that he was not "Haise" when she tried calming him down. Akira recalled when Arima asked her to be Sasaki's mentor to fill his yearning of a motherly figure and lack of assertiveness, to which she questioned about herself being able to fill a mother's role. She then embraced Sasaki and assured him that he was himself.[23]

Post-Rose Extermination

At Shirazu's grave, Akira stood next to Saiko, comforting her and telling her to "let it all out" as she cried over her friends grave-bed.[24]

Rushima Landing Operation

During the operation, Akira was assigned to the Houji Squad as Kousuke Houji's second-in-command. As the squad prepared to confront Tatara, Houji warned her about how powerful Yan was and estimated their current opponent was much stronger. He ordered her to keep fighting no matter what, with the assumption he would be killed during the battle.[25]

An unknown period of time later, the squad was radioed by Suzuya Squad, who were preparing to join the attack against Tatara.[26]

Akira protects Takizawa.

After Takizawa interrupted the fight between Houji and Tatara[27], he killed the latter, beheaded Houji, and murdered the rest of the CCG troops, leaving Akira alive. He held Akira up by the neck[26] while expressing his wish to be regarded as a hero for killing Tatara and saving the CCG, but she mentioned that Houji wanted him to be killed by his former superior. This angered Takizawa, so he tightened his grip, further suffocating her. Amon appeared and cut Takizawa's arm off, saving Akira.[28] She watched the two men fight, but was unable to assist a losing Amon.[29] When Takizawa asked her whether she still wants him to die, or now agrees with Amon, she is unable to answer him.[30] The confrontation is interrupted by Mutsuki, who arrives to back Akira up. He recklessly unleashes his kagune, cutting Akira across the cheek in the process and begins to fight against Takizawa.[31] Akira watches the battle, but when Mutsuki goes to strike a decisive blow, she throws herself over Takizawa and is stabbed in various places.[32]

Insight into Akira and Seidou's history of when the two were in the CCG Academy and their third-year finals scores were posted. Akira ranked first which a classmate attempted to praise for, but she only retorted about his time management. She noticed Seidou, who was ranked second, looking at the scores, and he sent her an angry look and said congratulations that she accepted with a thanks.

Akira in comatose state.

Mutsuki reminded her of the crime of aiding a ghoul, which Akira stated she was well aware of. She proceeded to stand but was pierced again by Mutsuki's kagune. Akira fell to the ground, telling Seidou her regrets and cried. Before Mutsuki landed his final attack on Akira, Amon intervened and fought him.[33] While Akira was collapsed on the ground, the Quinx Squad arrived and Amon told Seidou to take Akira and leave. Seidou did, taking Yumitsu Tomoe, and the injured Akira as his hostage, to depart Rushima.[34] As they escaped Rushima, injured Akira was carried by Seidou accompanied with the rest of the Aogiri executives and associates.[35]

CCG Lab Infiltration

Akira was still in a comatose state due to injuries she received during the raid on Rushima. She was taken care of by the Goat organization, Kazuichi Banjou healing all her injuries, albeit with a drawback being the Rc cells compromising her body. Kaneki, Ayato, Takizawa, and Kurona went looking for a suppressant in order to reduce the amount of Rc cells injected.

Post-CCG Lab Infiltration

Akira regains consciousness.

The mission was successful. Akira was subsequently operated by the members of the Great Wheel Act and recovered completely.[36] When she awakened, the first one to greet her was Kazuichi Banjou, who immediately notified Kaneki. Some time after her awakening, she was filled in with what happened during the Third Cochlea Raid, the current state of affairs and where she was by Take Hirako. When Kaneki went to see her, he assured her that nothing changed and in his mind she still remained a mentor and motherly figure. However, she maintained her doubts over his current identity and refused to turn and face him.[37]

Kaneki visits Akira.

Some time later, she awakened from a sleep, which she noted were becoming more frequent. While thinking about Kaneki, she noticed the Raid should have been barely a month ago. She was filled with anxiety over Maris Stella, but was quickly put down when Amon entered, her pet in his hands.[38]

Akira hugs Hinami Fueguchi

They had a very brief talk, with Akira stopping him from explaining himself and expressing her confusion. He left her and shortly after she was visited by Touka. She took her on a walk in order to talk, confessing that she was the one who killed her father. They went a bit farther and encountered a playground where ghoul children played. Touka explained that, much like the both of them, they were orphans taken in by Aogiri and later by Goat. Hinami's arrival interrupted them. Touka explained Hinami's own status as an orphan with Akira admitting that her own father was the one who claimed her parents' lives. Retaining a stubborn attitude, she told Touka that in no way could she feel positively towards ghouls, even if they were children. Touka calmly told her the story of her own father and how he lost his mind, soul and eventually his life in his quest to avenge her mother. But she explained she would rather be with him than losing him that way. She then dragged Akira down to meet the children. She was hugged first by them and finally by Hinami. Feeling the girl's heartbeat and warmth she wept, wondering what she should hate from then on.

Amon attempts to kiss Akira.

After her encounter with Hinami, she went to meet with Kaneki. She expressed her emptiness and lack of will to carry on. She told him that, even though he retained his memories, he could never again be the investigator she raised and grew fond of. However, a small part of Haise Sasaki still remained and Akira gave him a wide smile before leaving. Going to enjoy some curry, she met with Amon. Finally finding the words to convey her feelings, she told him how devoid of any will to carry on she was, having lost her duty and hatred towards the ghouls. Amon encouraged her to accept this nothingness instead of fighting it, as it would show her another way to live in due time. Akira admitted her fear and he drew her close, promising to be by her side always, supporting her.


Kureo Mado

After losing her mother at a young age, Akira and her father develop a very close bond. She states she handled much of the housework for their family, while her father was shown to be a devoted and even doting parent. Akira had great admiration for him, viewing his obsession with fighting ghouls as something to aspire towards as an investigator. Though she maintains a stoic front concerning his passing, when intoxicated, she breaks down in tears over the loss.

Kasuka Mado

Kasuka and Akira shared a loving mother and daughter relationship. Her death has affected Akira greatly.

Koutarou Amon

Initially, Akira harbored a deep-seated resentment towards him over the death of her father and even claimed to hate him while drunk. She often made things difficult for him, teasing him or acting contrary especially towards his gestures of good will. However, over time, she came to care deeply for him and even attempts to kiss him once. His rejection causes her frustration, demanding to know whether he compares her to Harima. After his apparent death, Misato confronts her apparent lack of emotion over the death of her superior Amon and former classmate Takizawa. Akira then breaks down in tears saying that she did deeply care for both of them.

After meeting with him four years later, she expresses confusion and lacks the courage to face him. Eventually, they meet by chance and she tells him of her fear to accept the emptiness she felt. When he promises to always support her however, they both act out on their romantic feelings for each other and kiss.

Seidou Takizawa

Classmates from the Academy, their relationship is primarily defined by a strong rivalry. Akira had always out-performed him on all fronts, causing him to harbor an intense feeling of jealousy towards her. Aware of this, Akira often makes statements to intentionally rile him up and Amon criticizes them both for their inability to interact without bickering. However, after he is reported killed in action, she mourns for him and states that she really cared for both Takizawa and Amon. When she sees Takizawa again, she is shocked at how much he has changed and appears to be sad. However, she shields the killing blow meant for him with her own body.

Haise Sasaki

As his mentor, Akira is usually friendly towards him and treats him kindly. When she first heard about him, she felt misgivings concerning rumors of him being different but over the years, they have developed a close bond, even going to club together at some point. However, Akira is not above harshly rebuking him and claims that he is dangerously naïve. After he loses control, she helps to bring him down and later comforts him, establishing his condition and reassuring him. When asked by Arima if he wanted to know about his family, Sasaki would say that Akira is like a mother to him. Later while he is with Akira herself, Sasaki jokingly called her "Mom," something she was not pleased with.

Yukinori Shinohara

Shinohara acknowledges Akira's potential and achievements as a ghoul investigator, mentioning that she was first in her academy class and the fact that she was guaranteed by Arima to be really capable. Shinohara was also impressed by Akira's deductions and observations regarding the Gourmet ghoul.

Kousuke Houji

Akira and Houji have worked together in the past prior to her assignment to the 20th ward. The two admire, as well as acknowledge, each other's skills and achievements. During the Rushima Landing Operation, Akira backed Houji up in his battle with Tatara.

Juuzou Suzuya

The two were friendly towards each other in their first meeting, with Akira commenting that Suzuya's cross-stitches looked nice.

Kishou Arima

The two had worked together for years and admired each other as fine investigators. Together they supervised the Quinx project and Sasaki acting as guidance figures. Akira considers him to be CCG's greatest strength.[39]

Kuki Urie

Akira mentors and supervises her underling Urie, giving him advice on using quinques and tips on being a ghoul investigator. Urie doesn't appear to have any complications with Akira and cooperates with her, unlike with Sasaki. During the Rushima Landing Operation, Urie showed disbelief at Mutsuki's claim that Akira shielded a ghoul, and reaffirmed that Akira was their superior. Urie then decided that he wanted to listen to Akira's story before judging her and told his squad to attend to her immediately once they were done with Floppy.

Ginshi Shirazu

Akira mentors and supervises her underling Shirazu, giving him advice on using quinques and tips on being a ghoul investigator. Shirazu had a crush on his superior, blushing and acting in an unusually cheerful manner when around her. His squad even knew about his feelings toward her. After the Auction Operation, Akira commended Shirazu for his efforts during the operation and taking out Nutcracker, also telling him that she has raised her expectations from him. After Shirazu's death, Akira attended his funeral and was shown to be saddened.

Tooru Mutsuki

Akira is caring towards her underling Mutsuki and is shown to be worried when Mutsuki is assigned a tough position to infiltrate enemy lines during the Auction. Akira is relieved when she finds a missing Mutsuki alive during the Rushima Landing Operation, but is evidently disturbed when she has her cheek cut by Mutsuki's kagune unleashing. When Akira shields Takizawa from being killed by Mutsuki, Mutsuki pierces her repeatedly while calling her out for violating the ghoul countermeasures act, showing no qualms in hurting his superior.

Saiko Yonebayashi

Akira deeply cares for her underling Saiko and looks after her wellbeing, even telling her not to eat too much. During Shirazu's funeral, Akira comforted a crying Saiko, telling her to let it all out. Akira would often pose as a motherly figure towards Saiko.

Maris Stella

Akira is affectionate towards and fond of her pet cat. During the raid of Kanou's lab, Akira tells Amon that Maris Stella is back home waiting for her, seeing her cat as a source of motivation.

Take Hirako

Akira and Hirako shared a professional relationship. During their time as First Class investigators, they cooperated in their investigations of the ghouls Torso and Serpent. When Sasaki went berserk, Hirako and his squad held him back long enough for Akira to shoot him with a Rc suppressant bullet. After their defection from the CCG, Hirako tells Kaneki to give Akira time to analyze her current situation and states that they cannot hope to understand her current emotional burden.

Nobu Shimoguchi

Akira dislikes Shimoguchi, who discriminates and prejudices her underlings, the Quinx Squad. When Shimoguchi considers the Quinx Squad as inept investigators, Akira takes up the challenge to have the Quinx identify Torso in ten days, something Shimoguchi had been doing for three months, just to prove him wrong. Despite this, Akira was sympathetic towards Shimoguchi when his squadmates were annihilated by Black Rabbit.

Kiyoko Aura

Being a classmate of Akira's mother, Kiyoko cares for Akira's wellbeing. She inquires about Akira's whereabouts after her disappearance from Rushima, stating that her parents wouldn't be too pleased if she did indeed shield a ghoul.

Hinami Fueguchi

After Hinami's imprisonment in Cochlea, Akira told Sasaki to hurry up on getting information from her as his ownership period of her was limited. As noted by Sasaki, Akira showed uneasiness and tension, and possibly hatred, from her part due to Hinami being involved in her father's death.

After a turn of events which results in Hinami and Akira being in the same organization, Hinami appears to be not fond of Akira who utilized Hinami's parents as her quinques. Hinami confesses that seeing Akira makes her remember her parents' deaths and breaks down as she cannot bring herself to meet Akira.

Once Akira met Hinami, Hinami hugged her, having forgiven her father, and Akira cried in her shoulders. She remarked that Hinami was warm and as a result, she let go of her grudge.

Touka Kirishima

Being the one who killed Akira's father, Touka admits to Amon that she has been afraid to go and meet her. Touka confesses that she will be too scared to meet Akira at all if Amon does not do it first. Upon meeting Touka, Akira remarked that Touka was as twisted as she thought she was and that she still has a reason to hold her grudge. She let out several outbursts upon Touka's approach in trying to reason with her due to her ideology about Ghouls but was surprised by Touka's attempt to empathize with her. Once Touka introduced her to Hinami, she let go of her grudge.

Power and Abilities

Like her father, Akira seems to have her own collection of quinques. Beyond that, she also takes a lot of interest in new quinque designs or experimental weapons. She is also a capable fighter, being strong enough to stand against S-ranked ghouls such as Naki and Miza. She shows expertise with firearms as well, sniping Haise Sasaki from a considerable distance. She has also displayed remarkable durability, being capable of taking numerous shots from Mutsuki's kagune and still being able to converse properly.[33]

  • Amatsu: The quinque Akira used during the raid of Kanou's lab, this quinque combines two types of kagune into one lethal weapon. The whip-shaped Bikaku part can distract then drag the enemies into close range, so the dagger-shaped Koukaku part can easily finish them off.[40]
  • Fueguchi: A rinkaku quinque that was created from Asaki Fueguchi's kagune. It looks like a spine that was tied together. It is a high-speed combat quinque with a sharp cut. It was presumably succeeded by Akira from her father, Kureo Mado, as the quinque belonged to him before he was killed. It took her a whole year to master it and she can control it as easily as moving a finger.
  • Fueguchi Two: This is a koukaku quinque that was created from Ryouko Fueguchi's kagune. It has the appearance of flower petals that spread in four directions. It can defend against attacks of any kagune and counter attack with a thrust. This quinque combines both offense and defense. It was presumably succeeded by Akira from her father, Kureo Mado.
  • Control Rc gas grenade: Its full name being Control Rc cells gas grenade, is an experimental weapon that releases gas which can suppress Rc cells activities. Through respiratory system or other mucous membranes, the opponents' kagune will be paralyzed in a short time, giving investigators an edge against disarmed ghouls.[7]

Manga Depiction

Anime Depiction


  • To Koutarou Amon: "Hey. Do you have any business with my Father? Amon Kotarou."[6]
  • To Amon: "Starting next week, I'll be your subordinate. I am Mado Akira, second-class investigator. It's nice to meet you, Top-class investigator, Amon-Dono."[6]
  • Thoughts on Donato: "Donato Porpora, SS rate Russian ghoul. This is only information acquired from the data but... He's hunted and killed mass amounts of investigators... He especially likes eating young children in all sorts of brutal ways. He ran a Catholic orphanage in Japan. His nickname was "Father". In that case, is that story I heard reality...?[41]
  • To Misato Gori: "Misato. Give me a break, won't you...? I loved him... Both Takizawa and Amon..."[11]
  • To Naki: "This Fueguchi is especially hard to handle. It took me a whole year before I could use it well. But now, I can control it as easily as moving a finger. You have been stuck in the past, with Jason. That's why you could never change.
  • To Amon While Drunk: "Please don't go Father..."[9]
  • Akira Teasing Amon: "Ghoul investigator Amon Koutarou at the age of 20, enrolled in the [CCG] academy and graduated at the top of his class. After becoming First-Class Mado Kureo's partner, beginning with [Apple Head] and [Red Jam], He either exterminated or captured numerous heinous ghouls-- In little less than three years after he was appointed, He was promoted to Rank 1 investigator. In the [11th ward Aogiri subjugation battle] He exterminated the Bikaku Brothers and other Aogiri affiliated ghouls. At the age of 27 He was further promoted to First-Class investigator. His true self is a zealous muscle builder at his subordinates home. A [Perverted Investigator]...Don't make a face like that it's just a joke."[9]
  • To Amon While Drunk: "Amon Koutarou I... Hate you the most."[40]
  • To Naki: "S Rank ghoul 'Naki'. So you were the kokaku type. I do want to use my rinkaku quinque, but... Shame I didn't bring it. I only have my bikaku... And kokaku! Trash should be thrown out. Die.[40]
  • To Naki: "That's a nice kagune, why don't I take it?"[40]
  • To Takizawa While Drunk: "Takizawa ~ maybe you see me as your sworn enemy but you know? That kind of act is just an eyesore for me."[42]
  • To Haise Sasaki: "It's not that I hate your amicable personality, but don't act so sweetly during fights. Even I was embarrassed with that statement of Clause 2 just now. You tend to be prejudiced more than the Quinckes themselves. Don't defend ghouls. If you don't want to take another Mado punch again, that is. That kindness will be the end of you."[13]


  • The name Akira means "dawn, daybreak" (暁).
  • Akira's surname Mado means "real, genuine" (真) (ma) and "door" (戸) (to/do).


  • In the first character popularity poll, Akira was ranked twentieth.
    • In the latest, she came in as thirteenth.
  • Akira likes making quinque, solving puzzles and cats.[1]
  • Akira respects her parents and Kishou Arima.[1]
  • Both of Akira's parents were killed by ghouls.
  • Akira owns a cat, which resides in her apartment.
  • Takizawa refers to her as an "Asexual Weapons Fanatic", similar to how others mockingly called her father a "Crazy Old Quinque Fanatic".
  • In Tokyo Ghoul Trump, Akira is featured as the "Queen of Diamonds".
  • Akira has demonstrated the same one bulging eye, and one squinting eye like her father during the Auction arc while facing Naki who recognized only her face, but he forgot her name.
  • Akira loves spicy food, especially curry.
  • Akira is slightly jealous of Juuzou for owning 13's (Juuzou's) Jason.
  • While Sui Ishida states that he likes Akira's type of personality in women, he also claims he most likely would not like her that much in real life.[43]


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