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The 11th Ward Battle was a major battle that took place in the 11th Ward in the night from December 19th to December 20th.


After having suppressed the local ghouls of the 11th Ward,[3] Aogiri Tree started attacks on the CCG investigators in the ward, which incapacitated the CCG's local branch.[4] In immediate response, ghoul investigators were deployed to the 11th Ward and adjacent wards to contain the threat and protect the public,[4] and in addition preparations were started for an operation to oust Aogiri Tree from the 11th Ward and destroy Aogiri's base there. A special task force to carry out the operation under Itsuki Marude's command, the 11th Ward Special Countermeasures Unit,[5] was formed by pulling investigators from other wards. A significant contribution to the strength to this unit came from the CCG's forces in the 23rd Ward.[6]

Meanwhile, Ken Kaneki had been kidnapped from Anteiku by Yamori, Nico and Ayato Kirishima as commanded by Tatara,[7] and was brought to Aogiri Tree's 11th Ward Base. During a meething, Tatara confirmed his suspicions about Akihiro Kanou and deemed Kaneki useless. He left it up to Ayato what to do with Kaneki. As he concluded the meeting, he handed command to Noro and left the base with Eto.[8]

After a failed escape attempt by Banjou's comrades and Kaneki, Kaneki was forced to submit to Yamori, while Banjou and his comrades were confined by Yamori contrary to his promise.[9] He brought Kaneki to his playroom, where he tortured Kaneki from December 9th to December 19th and killed Kei and Kouto before Kaneki's eyes.[10][11][12]

In order to rescue Kaneki, the members of Anteiku had also infiltrated the base beforehand.[13]

The operation began on the evening of December 19th, earlier than Aogiri Tree's leadership had expected,[14] thanks to a tip-off by an anonymous informant.[15]

Course of the Battle[]

In the evening of December 19, 0 ASBI at 20:00, the 11th Ward Special Countermeasures Unit began its assault on Aogiri's base, however, the assault was halted by Aogiri ghouls armed with guns, a sniper among them. Around 23:05, Aogiri's sniper was taken out through the efforts of Itsuki Marude and Juuzou Suzuya.[1] The CCG swiftly took control of Buildings 1-2 until 0:22, while their assault on Building 5 was blocked by Ayato Kirishima.[2][12]

Meanwhile, Yamori returned to the detached building behind Building 5 to kill Ken Kaneki, but instead, Kaneki turned the tables on him, ate two of his kakuhous and left him to die or be killed.[2][12][16] Next, Kaneki freed Kazuichi Banjou and his other surviving comrades from the cell in the building next to Yamori's hobby building and they left that place.[17] Around the same time, Anteiku had found out about the place where Kaneki was mostly likely imprisoned, and began moving towards it from Building 8 through Buildings 7 and 6. The further advance through Building 5 was blocked by CCG troops, so Anteiku split up: While Renji Yomo, Uta and Shuu Tsukiyama would fight their way through the CCG troops, Touka and Nishiki were looking for an alternate route. Along that alternate route, they ran into Ayato. Furthermore, because of the advance of CCG troops through Building 3, Yoshimura decided to move.[17]

In the meantime, Juuzou had found Yamori in the detached building behind Building 5. Yamori used the kagune from his third and last kakuhou to attack Juuzou, but Juuzou quickly butchered and killed him.[16]

At the end of Building 3, CCG's troops encountered the One-Eyed Owl. Due to the immense threat of this ghoul, they decided to split their forces: While Special Classes Yukinori Shinohara and Iwao Kuroiwa, First Class Take Hirako and some other CCG troops were to engage Owl, the other investigators including Koutarou Amon were ordered to Building 7.[18]

On the roof of Building 5, Ayato defeated Touka and bit off flesh from her shoulder.[18][19] When he appeared to be about to finish her off, Kaneki rescued Touka.[20] Next, Kaneki engaged Ayato, revealed that Ayato was secretly trying to protect his sister, and after he defeated him, he broke half of his bones to teach him a lesson.[21] Then, Noro appeared, but before a fight between Kaneki and Noro could break out, Yomo, Uta and Tsukiyama intefered. They attacked Noro and split his body in two, however, the body parts were immediately pulled together. After an alarm went off, Noro stopped acting aggressively, took Ayato and left. Instead of following Noro, Kaneki, Yomo, Uta and Tsukiyama decided to leave the building, too.[22]

Concurrently, Shinohara and Kuroiwa were engaging Owl using their Arata proto quinques.[18] Using the cover of the attacks by the Special Classes, Hirako attempted a surprise attack on Owl;[23] however, the surprise attack failed. Deeming that there was no other way to victory, they decided to use an experimental feature of the Arata quinque that eats the user.[24] This increased the strength of their attacks, allowing them to momentarily overwhelm Owl, however, Shinohara quickly became incapacitated due to Arata's safety function misbehaving. Subsequently, Owl stopped the fight and left.[25]

Around the same time, the other investigators were taking control of Building 7. The Bin brothers were slain by First Class Koutarou Amon.[26]

After Owl had left and the operation was close to the end, Marude was informed by Kishou Arima that the base was a diversion and that Aogiri's main force carried out the Second Cochlea Raid. Arima asked Marude to send troops to Cochlea in order to fend off Aogiri.[25]







Numerous investigators were wounded or killed during the operation, and Aogiri also took heavy losses during the battle.

  • CCG
    • Yukinori Shinohara - Wounded by out-of-control Arata proto.
    • Iwao Kuroiwa - Wounded by usage of Arata proto.
    • Marude's motorcycle is crashed and destroyed by Juuzou.
    • Numerous unnamed investigators died.
  • Aogiri
    • Ayato Kirishima - Grievously injured by Ken Kaneki.
    • Yamori - Critically wounded by Ken Kaneki & eliminated by Juuzou Suzuya.
    • Bin brothers - Killed by Koutarou Amon.
    • Roughly 200 Aogiri ghouls died.
  • Anteiku
    • Yoshimura - Injured.


The battle is the half-way point of the series, leading to numerous changes over the following six months. The battle itself is revealed to merely be a distraction while Aogiri's main forces attack the prison.

  • Cochlea is attacked, with numerous inmates freed including Naki, Shachi, Roma Hoito, and a third unnamed SS-rated Ghoul and four other S rates..
  • Kyouji Misaka is killed during the prison attack, leaving Shinme Haisaki in charge of the 23rd Ward.
  • Kaneki embraces his Ghoul side, and leaves Anteiku to form his own group.
  • Aogiri Executives Yamori and the Bin brothers are killed.
  • Juuzou's quinque, made from Yamori, is created.
  • The Bin Brother's kagune are used to upgrade Doujima 1/2 as a weapon to use against Kaneki.
  • Amon is promoted to First Class, and assigned as Akira Mado's partner.
  • Juuzou is promoted to Rank 2.
  • Hideyoshi Nagachika begins working at CCG, and is eventually exposed as the informant that leaked the base's location.