The 11th Ward is the Ōta ward in Tokyo.

Six months before the steel frame accident, Rize Kamishiro lived in this ward. Her activities made the ghoul investigators move in this ward. She decided to leave when the ghoul investigators started to act. Before she left, she killed Hagi, the leader of the ghouls of the ward, and two other ghouls.[1]

Because Rize called him "leader" after she had killed Hagi, Kazuichi Banjou tried to unify the ghouls of the ward afterwards. However, ghouls of Aogiri Tree came from somewhere else and easily usurped the power in the ward, since Banjou is weak. Banjou and his followers were forced to work under Ayato Kirishima, who ordered them to look for Rize.[2]

Aogiri's ghouls are targeting the investigators in the ward, which rendered CCG's 11th Ward Branch Office essentially powerless.[3] Currently, the state of the ward is more similar to a battlefield in the Middle East than to a typical region in Japan.[4]


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