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Minami Uruka
Ficheiro:Minami Uruka.png
Nome Minami Uruka
Apelidos Lantern
Espécies Ghoul
Estado Deceased
Gênero Female
Tipo Rc Koukaku
Estréia no Mangá Jack: Chapter 1
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Minami Uruka is mysterious girl and Taishi's classmate who revealed to be ghoul who killed Taishi's childhood friend and she worked with Yamori.



As a Ghoul, she used to engage in binge eating and killed the people she deemed unworthy of living in the society. Though while blending into the society, she had picked up a very cheerful personality. She tried hard to seem like a normal human going as far as to being a Class Representative in her High school and participating in some social activities.


Minami first appears in Tokyo Ghoul: Jack as Lantern, hunting delinquents in an isolated area. After killing three of Taishi's friends and injuring Aki's right eye, she runs away from the area. Later on when she gets targeted by her hair dresser, another ghoul, who mistook her for a human, she is saved by Arima and Taichi. Using the opportunity to disguise herself as a human friend, she offers to help the duo collect information on where ghouls may be. Upon reaching an area where the information points to, Taichi splits with Arima and Minami, where Minami attempts to kill Arima. Arima defeats her but leaves her alive. After having a short dialogue with Taichi she attacks and is killed by him.

Power and Abilities[]

Minami's koukaku kagune resembles a lizard's tail and an average bikaku despite being a koukaku that originates from under her shoulder bones. Unlike most koukaku users, Minami uses her kagune as a weapon independently in the manners of a bikaku.