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A Kagune (赫子, shining child) is a ghoul's predatory organ and functions as their weapon and claws. It is usually as red as blood (the colours are varied in the anime to distinguish the kagune of each individual); and flexible like the flow of water (Also called liquid muscle.), but firm and sturdy. When released, a ghoul's physique is strengthened, they are more resilient and their mobility heightens. A kagune is composed of Rc cells, which flow just like blood, can become as solid as teeth and can be described as "liquid muscles". The Rc cells are released from a kakuhou piercing the skin, and the released Rc cells form the kagune. A kagune can be repeatedly hardened and softened at will by the ghoul.

Although a ghoul's healing ability is high, the healing of wounds tends to be delayed if the wounds are inflicted by a kagune. It is also evident that in order to counter a kagune in battle, one must also have a kagune, if not, at least something in relation to a kagune. Hence, Ghoul Investigators use kagune-based quinque as a tactical means to battle against ghouls. Also it seems that the kagune are voluntary muscles as ghouls can control them whenever they want.

Rc Types[]

Ficheiro:Rc types.png

Rc types, positions on the bodies.

The kagune's appearance and the place of emergence on the body depend on the Rc type of the Ghoul.

There are four different Rc types: Ukaku, Koukaku, Rinkaku and Bikaku. As a guideline, each type can oi characteristically subdue another type, although it may be different for two specific opponents.

Each Rc type has a set of strengths and weaknesses, each one unique to its type. These are exploited by CCG in the creation of the Quinque and Q bullets.

It is also possible for a child to inherit separate kagunes from each parent to express distinctive hybrid traits as shown with Hinami Fueguchi.


An Ukaku kagune (Japanese 羽赫, romanization ukaku, English approximately shining feather) is spread out like feathers and is released from the shoulder area, it specializes in high speed attacks, most of the users seeming to have hugely enhanced speed. The kagune is lightweight and can be used to deliver high-speed attacks against an adversary, the primary method of attack is crystallising their kagune to deliver a high speed torrent of spike like projectiles, however whilst crystallised they are much stiffer and can't be used for short range combat . The kagune is suited both for short-distance and long-distance attacks, being able to use their kagune as a shield or as a way to enhance their strikes. Altogether, ukaku-type ghouls have a high chance to end the battle after a short time.

However, releasing the Rc cells extremely decreases stamina. Thus, ukaku-type users lack endurance and are at a disadvantage if the battle drags on for a long time.

Ukaku kagune can use their speed and mobility to shoot down a Bikaku-type user. However, a koukaku-type user can surprise an ukaku-type user by successfully guarding against the ukaku-type user's attacks, leaving the Ukaku vulnerable to counterattacks and exhausting the ukaku-type user in the long run.

Known Ukaku Ghouls are Touka Kirishima, Yoshimura, Eto, Renji Yomo, Kaya Irimi, Ayato Kirishima, Kazuichi Banjou, Katou Sumihara, Hikari Kirishima, Ginshi Shirazu, and Seidou Takizawa.


A Koukaku kagune (Japanese 甲赫, romanization kōkaku, English approximately shining shell) is released below the shoulder blade. This is achieved by a high density of Rc cells. It is heavy and extremely robust. Of all the kagunes, they have the greatest sturdiness and are especially suited for defense. Normally, they are generally shaped into armors or shields. But on the offense, they can be shaped like melee weapons such as drills, hammers or blades.

Due to its high weight, a koukaku's speed is inferior to all other kagunes and the kagune is hard to wield.

A koukaku can fend off an ukaku onslaught using its guarding capabilities. However, a rinkaku kagune can deliver severe strikes against the slow koukaku, breaking their kagune and breaching their defenses.

Known Koukaku users are Shuu Tsukiyama, Ryouko Fueguchi, Hinami Fueguchi, Arata Kirishima, Naki, Minami Uruka, Kuki Urie, and Nutcracker.


A Rinkaku kagune (Japanese 鱗赫, romanization rinkaku, English approximately shining scales) has an appearance similar to scaled tentacles and is released at the back around the waist. A rinkaku wielder has powerful regenerative abilities and its peculiar appearance and structure yield a superior striking power. A rinkaku excels in brute strength.

This type's regenerative power is a result of the Rc cells easily binding together. Their Rc cells are more similar to liquids. However, this means that the binding force among the Rc cells must be weak, therefore making the kagune very easy to break.

A rinkaku kagune can deliver severe strikes against the slow koukaku, penetrating the kagune and breaching the koukaku's defenses. However, a rinkaku has serious problems fighting against the balanced bikaku kagune: A bikaku has comprehensively high power, allowing them to fight against the brute-force rinkaku, and the rinkaku kagune's softness makes it comparatively easy for the bikaku to cut the kagune off. This disarms a rinkaku no matter how much strength it may possess, leaving the rinkaku at a disadvantage on the defensive. It has been shown that in some cases, a Bikaku's attack can disable a Rinkaku's regeneration. [1]

Known Rinkaku Ghouls are Rize Kamishiro, Ken Kaneki, Nashiro Yasuhisa, Kurona Yasuhisa, Hinami Fueguchi, Asaki Fueguchi, Yamori, Nico, Kie Muramatsu, Saiko Yonebayashi, Karao Saeki, Roma Hoito, Kanae von Rosewald, and Matsumae.


A Bikaku kagune (Japanese 赫 赫, bikaku romanization, roughly English) usually has a tail-like appearance and is released around the coccyx / coccyx. It is good for medium range attacks and has decent attack, defense and speed. Thus, they have no notable strengths or weaknesses like kagune based on other types of Rc, which means that kagune itself is treated as a surprise "asset".

A bikaku has better speed and durability against the brute-force, breakable rinkaku, allowing them to cut off the rinkaku's kagune. However, a bikaku will be overwhelmed by the faster ukaku user and will lose against the ukaku's long-range attacks.

The balanced characteristics makes the kagune a preferred quinque type for investigators.

Known Bikaku Ghouls are Nishiki Nishio, the Bin Brothers, Enji Koma, Shachi, Tooru Mutsuki, Akashi Kobayashi, Nutcracker, and Miza.


When ghouls repeatedly cannibalize other ghouls, they rarely develop an abnormal kagune apart from the common predatory kagune. This kagune typically takes an armor-like shape, and ghouls with such a kagune are called kakujas.

This abnormal transformation kagune also takes after the Rc types.

Known Kakuja Ghouls are Ken Kaneki, Yoshimura, Eto, Yakumo Oomori, and Arata Kirishima.

Known Kagune[]

Image Ghoul Type Description
Kaneki 3 fingered kagune.png
Ken Kaneki Rinkaku (Kakuja) After the organ transplant, Kaneki inherited Rize's kagune which is special because of its abnormal regenerating factor even among the Rinkaku types. Despite his body being soft and fragile, his kagune focuses on brute force to take down enemies. Since his battle with Arima Kishou, his kagune can produce up to eight tentacle claws that provide him with blades strong enough to cut or pierce a Kakuja. After the timeskip he was shown to have more control over his kagune as he could combine them to form a three clawed hand and use each one to do different task as shown in his fight against Serpent.
200px Rize Kamishiro Rinkaku Her Kagune is special because it has an abnormal regenerating factor even among the Rinkaku types. She is able to summon up to four tentacle claws. While slim, each claw can cut deeply enough to fatally injure anyone, human or ghoul. Yoshimura explained, despite having a superior cellular regeneration, if sufficient damage harms her vitals then even with a fast recovering body it wouldn't regenerate from fatal wounds; like the steel beam that crushed her waist.
Touka Kirishima Ukaku Her Kagune is a single black (red in the anime) wing, with a much smaller wing emerging from her right shoulder. As a typical Ukaku-type ghoul, her strength comes mainly from her agility and firing projectiles. From a distance, her Kagune can rapidly fire a volley of rounds. When striking a single attack, her kagune can pour down a linear strike that grinds surfaces and can be used as a shield and to to enhance her punches. But as a typical ukaku user, she has a short RC supply and her strength diminishes as the fight drags on.
Ayato Kirishima Ukaku His Kagune is two black (red in the anime) wings. As Ukaku Kagune its main attributes are agility and the ability to attack from outrange. From a distance, he can rapidly fire a volley of rounds. When striking a single attack, his kagune can pour down a linear strike that grinds surfaces. He also can use his kagune as a shield. But as a typical ukaku user, his attacks deplete his RC supply quickly and his strength diminishes as the fight drags on.
Yoshimura Ukaku (Kakuja) In its original form, Yoshimura's kagune was a large, articulated blade emerging from a mass on his left shoulder. As his powers developed, he became capable of creating a second blade from his right shoulder. His Kakuja form further enhances these blades, adding boney "feathers" that can be fired with force greater than a shotgun blast. Unlike most Ukaku, he is physically powerful and able to continue fighting at full strength for long periods of time.
Eto Ukaku (Kakuja)
Nishiki Nishio Bikaku Pre-timeskip: shaped like a C-shaped tentacle that pushes his foot to increase the power of his kicks further. Post-timeskip: his Kagune has evolved to massive body of a snake, its still not known what its current capabilities but it was strong enough to easily throw around cars.
Yakumo Oomori Rinkaku (Kakuja) two tentacles full of thorn-like scales. As a typical Rinkaku user, the kagune mainly adds strength and regenerating abilities. Yamori has mastered his kagune to an extent where he can shape it into various forms at will, e.g. his kagune can form claws that attach to his hands.
Shuu Tsukiyama Koukaku able to shape it into various forms at will. He can form a linear metal ribbon that can wrap into a flexible spiral that doubles as armor to shield his upper body, as well as a spinning drill that can cause devastating damage. additionally, he can form it into a large, sword-like blade that is suited to thrusting and stabbing. However, despite his kagune's diverse nature, its weight and size restricts his range and movement to close quarters. his kagune is sturdy enough to block most attacks.
200px Kurona Yasuhisa Rinkaku She has gained her kagune presumably from getting one of Rize's kakuhou implanted into her. Her kagune presumably has the same abnormal regeneration rate seen in Rize's. She is capable of creating up to 2 tentacles from her waist. Like all rinkaku types, she overpowers her opponents with brute strength.
200px Nashiro Yasuhisa Rinkaku She has gained her kagune presumably from getting one of Rize's kakuhou implanted into her. Her kagune presumably has the same abnormal regeneration rate seen in Rize's. She is capable of creating up to 2 tentacles from her waist. Like all rinkaku types, she overpowers her opponents with brute strength.
200px Hinami Fueguchi Rinkaku/ Koukaku Hinami is Unique ghoul because she inherited both Koukaku Kagune from her mother and Rinkaku Kagune from her father.

Rinkaku Kagune: It takes the shape of two spines where each spine individually was tied together, and this kagune has a long range

.Koukaku Kagune: It resembles two flower petals that act as shields.

200px Matasaka Kamishiro Bikaku Shachi's Kagune categorizes as a 'Bikaku', there is only one appendage which forms from around his tailbone. It is quite larger than your average Bikaku however, and being that they are such a balanced Kagune, this only makes it all the more deadly and powerful (his seeming to end in an 'axe' as well)
200px Kaya Irimi Ukaku Her kagune takes the form of two beetle like wings with a tail between them, although not much has been seen of it's capabilities she appeared to use a spinning motion to use it.
200px Enji Koma Bikaku His kagune takes the form of a crimson tail, much like that of a monkey. It is prehensile, and he primarily uses it to climb.
200px Bin Brothers Bikaku Both brothers possess a bikaku kagune. They specialize in their combination attack. 
200px Kazuichi Banjou Ukaku Banjou's kagune is a small protrusion from his back, with no apparent offensive capabilities. Instead, his kagune functions by transferring RC cells to heal his wounds rapidly.
200px Noro Rinkaku Noro's kagune is a big kagune with sharp razor teeth it look like a mouth , his ability can  extraordinary Regeneration so fast
200px Naki Koukaku His Koukaku kagune is look like a blade protrusion from his sholder
200px Miza Bikaku Her kagune is a three-pronged tail, with sharp bladed edges.
200px Roma Hoito Rinkaku Roma's kagune takes form of eight tentacles similar to Kaneki's kagune.
200px Ginshi Shirazu Ukaku
200px Kuki Urie Koukaku
200px Kanae von Rosewald Rinkaku
Nutcracker Bikaku/Koukaku
Matsumae Rinkaku
Arata's Kakuja.png Arata Kirishima Koukaku (Kakuja)