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Ippei Kusaba
Nome Ippei Kusaba
Nome japonês 草場 一平(くさば いっぺい)
Romaji Kusaba Ippei
Espécies Human
Estado Deceased
Idade 26[1]
Gênero Male
Filiações CCG
Destritos 20th Ward
Estréia no Mangá Chapter 13
Estréia no Anime Episode 1
Seiyuu Taishi Murata
Galeria de Imagens

Ippei Kusaba (草場 一平, Kusaba Ippei) was a Rank 3 Bureau Investigator working at CCG's branch in the 20th ward and the partner of Yasunori Nakajima.

He was killed by Touka Kirishima on November 10th.[2]


Ippei was a young man with short brown hair and round glasses, just like the other investigators, he wore a formal suit with blue tie.



Together with his partner Nakajima, Kusaba took part in the investigation of Ryouko Fueguchi alias Suspect 723 that was led by Kureo Mado and Koutarou Amon. As part of this investigation, he observed Ryouko Fueguchi and witnessed that she was visiting a grave.[3]

After Koutarou Amon secured evidence that Ryouko was connected to Suspect 696, he also took part in the attack on Fueguchi and her daughter Hinami Fueguchi.[4]

Later, Amon, Nakajima, and Kusaba went eating after working hours. Afterwards, he was killed by Rabbit.[2]


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