Wiki Tokyo Ghoul
Chapter Info
Volume: 6
Chapter: 54
Japanese Title: 青桐
Romanized Title: Aogiri
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: November 8, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-50
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 53 Chapter 55

Aogiri (青桐, Aogiri) is the 54th chapter in the manga.



At the Aogiri Hideout, Kaneki is kicked into waking up, where he meets Ayato. Kaneki starts to wonder what happened to Touka, and is told to follow Ayato. When he asks about Touka’s well being, Ayato kicks him, telling him that he is not allowed to speak. Kaneki then contemplates that Aogiri might want Rize’s organs, which is why he was brought there in the first place. Ayato gives him advice, telling him that the Aogiri superiors aren’t as “soft” as he is.

Ayato takes Kaneki to a meeting held among the superiors and one hundred ghouls, whereby Tatara takes charge of Kaneki. Tatara shoves his arm into Kaneki’s torso, concluding that Kaneki is a one-eyed ghoul, and that Rize is therefore dead. He then tells Ayato that Kaneki is no good and not needed, and should therefore do what he wants with him. Kaneki becomes puzzled when Tatara mentions Dr. Kanou. Tatara then informs Kaneki that it was not a kidney that was transplanted into him, adding that he could still use the one-eye for fighting.

Tatara then tells Eto to follow him, so as to execute their plan, for the doves would be there any minute. Kaneki is seen locked away in a room, thinking about Kanou and Yoshimura. Banjou approaches him, and suggests that they should run away from the hideout.