Wiki Tokyo Ghoul
Preliminary Arrangements
Chapter Info
Volume: 4
Chapter: 36
Japanese Title: 下拵
Romanized Title: Shitagoshira
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: June 21, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-30
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 35 Chapter 37

Preliminary Arrangements (下拵, Shitagoshira) is the 36th chapter in the manga.



Tsukiyama and Kaneki go to play Squash, where he noted Kaneki to be inept at playing sports. After that, they went to the coffee shop which Tsukiyama had spoken about. He orders iced coffee, and begins to critique Kaneki on what his clothing style should look like according to his physique and personality. Tsukiyama then takes out a French Gourmet book which he had recommended for Kaneki. They converse about the book, when Kaneki suddenly gets a paper cut on his finger. Tsukiyama gives him his handkerchief to stop the bleeding. When asked about his relationship with Rize, he reveals that she worked for his club, but despised the fact that he fussed over flavor and foods, comparing him to the stupidity of humans. Tsukiyama therefore bears a grudge over Rize, calling her a “pig” for ridiculing him.

Tsukiyama takes the handkerchief to the bathroom, where it is disclosed that he has an obsession with the scent of Kaneki’s blood, labeling him as his ‘ultimate feast’ After they leave the shop, Tsukiyama makes a request to introduce Kaneki to ‘top class’ taste via his Gourmet Club. Kaneki is reluctant at first, but decides to go just for the sake of gathering information for Itori.

When they arrive, Tsukiyama allows one of his club members to take charge of Kaneki. It is revealed that Tsukiyama is indeed plotting against Kaneki.