Wiki Tokyo Ghoul
Chapter Info
Volume: 3
Chapter: 29
Japanese Title: 真戸
Romanized Title: Mado
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: April 26, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-22-23
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 28 Chapter 30

Mado (真戸, Mado) is the 29th chapter in the manga.



Mado’s funeral takes place at the CCG Headquarters of the 1st ward. Marude berates Mado, saying that he was merely a quinque fanatic, but Arima reprimands him for disrespecting the dead. Taishi suddenly alerts them that a ghoul suspect has started moving, and that they should move out right away, indicating that there is no time to mourn.

Amon has a flashback of when he first met Mado; most people have said that he was a maniac for quinques, and a very odd old man. He first sets eyes on Mado, and noted that his sunken cheeks reminded him of a dead man. On their first assignment, Amon and Mado go to visit Muramatsu, an old-aged female ghoul. According to a medical certificate, Mado quickly distinguished whether or not Muramatsu was a ghoul. After it turned out that she may not have been once, Mado apologizes for suspecting her. When they left, Mado suggested that they set a trap for Muramatsu, for he still suspected her, Amon doubted this, but Mado implied that he was merely inexperienced.

Amon storms away, and upon walking on his way to the Stakeout, he meets Muramatsu, pushing some really heavy luggage. He notices blood seeping out of the suitcase afterwards, and when he confronts her, she attacks him. Mado unexpectedly intervenes, defeating Muramatsu and suggests that she be made into a quinque.

Back to present day, Shinohara approaches Amon and teases him about weeping over Mado’s death, but mentioned that Mado was also proud of him.

In the afterlife, Mado admits that he too, just like Amon, was inexperienced, and advised Amon to move on.  He roams the afterlife, and upon finding evidence of ghouls around his area, he acknowledges the fact that he still has a job even in death.