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Chapter Info
Volume: 3
Chapter: 28
Japanese Title: 円環
Romanized Title: Enkan
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: April 19, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-21
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 27 Chapter 29

Circle (円環, Enkan) is the 28th chapter in the manga.



Lying on the ground, with his last breaths, Mado begins to insult the existence of ghouls once more and repeats his vow to kill and bury the One-Eyed Owl with his remaining hand. After his death, Touka takes his glove off his hand, and is shocked to see a wedding ring on his finger, indicating that he too had a family. Yomo and Kaneki arrive at the scene, where Yomo suggests that they leave immediately before someone finds them. Amon finally locates Mado, but is deeply disheartened to see the corpse of his mentor. When Hinami asks if it is okay for her to go on living, Kaneki concludes that her mother had wanted her to live ever since she was saying her last words. It is made known that Ghoul Investigators are still swarming the 20th ward in search of the targets; Touka and Hinami. Kaneki insists to help Touka, whom refuses. Kaneki then reminisces over his fight with Amon, managing to recall the most important thing Amon has said to him, that ‘this world is wrong.’