Wiki Tokyo Ghoul
Chapter Info
Volume: 3
Chapter: 25
Japanese Title: 開眼
Romanized Title: Kaigan
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: March 29, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-18
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 24 Chapter 26

Enlightenment (開眼, Kaigan) is the 25th chapter in the manga.



Hinami goes into an emotional breakdown, and Touka loses her temper, charging towards Mado. He blocks Touka with his quinque, remarking that she is just acting on a foolish impulse and will surrender her life for it. He stabs her in the side and starts to provoker her further, hinting at how much “pleasure” he felt while beheading Ryouko and making her Kagune into a quinque combination with her husband, Asaki. Touka threatens to kill him, to which he insults her for being a ghoul. Touka questions why it is wrong for ghouls to live, though they’re just like humans, but only carry a different diet. Touka admits that she wants to live like humans, but Mado dismisses her statement, preparing for his final fatal blow.

Amon battles Kaneki, but notices that his quinque is no match, even though both of them are using kagune materials. Koutarou then points out that ghouls murder innocent people calmly just for the sake of satisfying their hunger, and asks Kaneki how it feels to commit such a crime. Much to Kaneki’s surprise, Amon began to shed tears over his Kusaba’s death, coming to the conclusion that the world is wrong because ghouls are causing it corruption. Kaneki agrees with him, but contradicts that ghouls, just like humans, have feelings too. Kaneki decides to make Amon understand that he is the only one that can understand both the worlds of ghouls and humans. He then tries to explain that there are ghouls who followed the wrong path, and at the same time, all ghouls shouldn’t have to face prejudice. Instead, he implies that the two existences should learn more about each other.

When Amon didn’t even give a budge of understanding to what Kaneki had to say, he immediately grew impatient and declared to “make” Amon understand via a fight.