Wiki Tokyo Ghoul
Sudden Shower
Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Chapter: 14
Japanese Title: 驟雨
Romanized Title: Shūu
Total Pages: 18
Year Released: January 4, 2012
Young Jump: Issue 2012-06-07
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 13 Chapter 15

Sudden Shower (驟雨, Shūu) is the 14th chapter in the manga.



At the CCG Headquarters, Amon submits case 696’s ghoul mask to Mado. Mado praises him sarcastically, to which Amon says he only did what a ghoul investigator should do; advising that they make their move. Mado mentions that everything has already been planned.

At Anteiku, Kaneki is requested to get some coffee beans, but accidentally barges in on Hinami during her meal. Koma suggests that he take the opportunity to apologize, to which he takes her a cup of coffee as well. Hinami seems to have a strong sense of smell, as she points out that Kaneki isn’t fully a ghoul, for he smells different from afar. Kaneki explains his existence as a ghoul, and grows excited when he sees that Hinami reading one of his favorite books. Explaining which short story she liked best, Hinami misread one of the kanji terms, and this is where Kaneki begins teaching her to read more words. She becomes amazed at how smart Kaneki is. Hinami reveals that she doesn’t go to school, and instead takes notes.

Yoshimura and Ryouko are seen talking; she tells him that she needs to get her own food from now on, as she can’t always rely on Anteiku. Before they leave, Hinami thanks Kaneki for teaching her words. Whilst walking in the city, Hinami senses an strange scent, and notes that there are two adult men chasing them.

Kureo explains to Amon that when it rains, it hinders him from doing his job, but hints that it also blocks out the screams of ghouls when he exterminates them, noting that Ryouko Fueguchi is somewhere near.